Getting new leasing customers

Three simple steps to getting new leasing customers

Remember the time when we all used the yellow pages and asked our neighbours or people we trusted when we needed some service or product? Life has changed and our new best friend is Google Search… Although we all know that internet search is our most important friend, when it comes to their leasing websites, most leasing companies somehow tend to overlook this trend.

We have compiled some advice, on how to look like an innovative and reliable leasing company, and as a result, get more new customers.

1. Be clear in what you offer
As a customer in a leasing company, they would like to see what leasing options you can offer them. So the first thing they would like to see would probably be the equipment catalog and Lease Calculator - how much will they need to pay per month if they choose 24 months, and what's the difference in numbers if they choose 48 months and a different down-payment.

Fast quote – and you have a prospect satisfied with your initial service, while the prospect has the information he’s been looking for.

2. Be simple to work with
Provide your prospects with the opportunity to register (and in return, you receive more information about your prospect), enable various lease scenarios, save their lease configuration, and if they are ready, they should be able to order online.

Timing is also important, so if you are not able to respond within a short time frame, give the customer an indication of when they can expect to hear back from you. Also ensure that the rest of the organization comply with these deadlines. Just by 
having a response time on your website you will outperform many of the other leasing companies who do not.

3. Stand out from the crowd
Be creative. For example, use videos instead of pictures, or show numbers and data in visual diagrams. This makes it more fun and easier for the customer to relate to the content. 

The most important goal for the website is to provide results, and not only have a great design. Similarly, the integration between your website and leasing processes is essential for a good experience. Foqus Finance can provide you with many more tips and inspiration on how to optimize your leasing process. 

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